Www.getsalonexpress.com When ordering online option to cancel is not offered beware overcharges

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I went online to order this product for my granddaughter. The website offers to delux your order and then tells you that changes can be made on the next page, but when you hit continue it automatically submits your order and bills you!

I immediately contacted the company via email and got no response. Called the "1-800" customer service number...it was a recording telling you to go to the email or an "1-900" number which is constantly busy. Then I saw the add on TV and called the "800" number for ordering and they gave me another "800" number. After holding on for an extended period of time the rep tells me, "Sorry, Ma'am, your order shipped out today, but if you return it unopened we will refund you everything EXCEPT your shipping and handling." The total bill came to a few cents shy of $44.

She told me they would refund $17.95! That's $26.00, folks for shipping, handling, and "processing!" Then she says, I can offer you a $10 discount but then you can't return it." So I said my options were to keep the mechandise and be ripped for the cost minus $10.00 or get nothing and be out over$26.00. She said, "Yes, Ma'am, that's all I am athorized to offer you!" I am very unhappy....and you pay an additional $11.95 shipping to receive "free" merchandise that you are not given the option to say you don't want. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

I even told her the Better Business Bureau would be hearing about this and she said , "Yes, Ma'am, I understand how you feel." Gotta give her an a plus for having manners. I wonder how many times a day she gets chewed out?

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I love this ***


So glad I found this site, I was just going to order this but checked the reviews thank you for sharing


I was going to buy this for my daughter, but after reading your comments there is no way. THANKS


same thing just happened to me. order of 113.

need to cancel. what is 800 number?


I like it :p :grin :)


Ughh. Bought this in January, never pushed "confirm order" button, never received the item.

Now, 2 days ago(it's been 2 months), they tell me my order was shipped! I already bought the dang thing off of ebay in Feb. for WAAAAAY. less than what the company wanted.

They charged me almost $20.00 for shipping and handling AND when I refuse the item, they are going to charge me $3.00 more for that! A $20 item has turned into $41!

This company TRULY sucks! DO NOT buy items on "as seen on tv" through their websites, buy it in the stores or on ebay.


I thought I bought one but by the time I got to the last page, when you can't go back and change your order, it said I bought two. I thought I was adding on the bonus french manicure disk with the manicure set but really I was buying another whole set and bonus gift.


I was going to order this for both of my daughters after reading all of the comments I'm not going to waste my hard earned money on this rip off. Thanks for the heads up!!! :upsetM


I am so glad that I read this because I had it In my mind to order this today for my sister... Looks like I wont be ordering from here.

I seen they have it at bath and bodyworks...

Looks like that is where I'm getting it from lol thanks ladies! :sigh :sigh


Gr3at comments....u saved me some money


OMG...I am so glad I read these comments..forget about it!!!


I ordered this product at the $10 offer over a month ago - I still haven't gotten mine -my order confirmation advised "on back order" I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone to respond back as to why - when they called me they tried to sell me more. Told me my name came up as a "priorty" customer.

when I asked about my order -they gave me another 800# that I cant get thru to anyone on? this is the worst $10 (actually$40) I've ever spent.


Thanks for the info. You changed my mind about the product and I don't think I'll be buying it.


Thanks. I am not placing my order. I don't have extra money to get ripped off.


*** this is just a ripped off over charging it say ten ten dollars plus shipping 6.99 *** i paid like 84.42 wtf.. I would like to cancel it,.. or return it..


I would like to order this product, seems like a neat idea but am definitly changing my mind after reading these coments, Thanks to all who took the time to leave comments after getting ripped off by the company. :(


Thanks for your input, I was about to order till I read ev1 opinion:-)


I ordered as advertisment price $10.00+s&h

6.99+ seals tax but getsalonexpress.com

charge me $30.97 its business or cheat?Theare is no customer service to cancele or change the order.

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